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Aaron Prasad

Aaron Prasad will be joining the 2020 lineup as our MC and one of our Guest Speakers!

Aaron’s passion for speaking started after tying for 1st place in his grade 6 public speaking competition and he has been winning arguments and losing girlfriends ever since.  He has held various speaking roles in the personal and professional environments, including as your MC for VegFest this year. His enthusiasm from the stage and intermittent Disney sing-along performances make him a legend in his own mind, and he hopes to be able to become a prominent speaker in the vegan circuit.

His message will relate his various triumphs and pitfalls throughout his attempts at becoming an indestructible human machine: one fuelled by plants, and engaging in all manner of adventurous and athletic endeavours to test his limits. You'll hear about some of the most intense self-experimentation he has ever undertaken, and you will also hear about the events that prompted his most contentious project to date. You’ll probably hear about cycling too—dude loves to ride—plus, spandex…so…

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